dwarves, half-orcs and halflings, Southern Ogre.5

other races' history expanded


For the half-orcs: there are 2 new flavors of halflings!

Let me begin by prefacing this with: races listed here and not residing in the Sharayan have different bonuses than those listed in the Core Rulebook and Advanced Player’s Guide. At first the penalties may appear minuscule but I assure you they are not. You will lack a complete lack of in game knowledge of how Sharayan law and provinces function as well as no understanding of commoner behavior and city life. If you survive through the initial few sessions you may be alright.

Outside of the normal races, which I will cover in the backstory bellow, there are dwarves, halflings, gnomes and half-orcs that live outside of the empire. In the north Fitshath, a kingdom past the Drozain Mountains, is ruled by the mighty dwarves. These dwarves have been attacking the Sharayan Empire for as long as the Empire existed. In the recent past, they have teemed up with the halfling breeds that swell the north.

The Caste at Wraith and their bond of marriage to the draelin elves living inside the mountain have kept at bay the tunneling dwarves.

To the east lays the wastes owned by he halflings and the gnomes. These have been probing the defenses in the recent past and their attacks have become much more frequent in the last 100 years than ever before.

To the south the orcish tribes and the fire half-breeds beat agaist Kroll and Xanfth.

These are additions to existing bonuses. There are also some substitutions.
Eastern Halflings: no bonus to CHA, no bonus to climb, +1CON, +2survival, bonus feat(Self Sufficient)
Northen Halflings: no bonus to CHA +1WIS +1AC bonus(natural armor) +1resist cold save

Northern Dwarves: limited to 2 languages regardless of attribute bonus. Must spend ranks per language/literacy skill. +1AC bonus(natural armor) Bonus feat(endurance)

Fire Half-Orcs: limited to 2 languages regardless of attribute bonus. Must spend ranks per language/literacy skill. no orc ferocity. No bonus to intimidate. +1 resist heat save. +2AC (natural Armor). Move +10. bonus feat(athletic)

Eastern Halflings are darker with sandy hair and greenish eyes.
The norther Halflings are typically blonde haired, hairier, sharper facial features, some may have jagged teeth or a portruding small fang.

Northern Dwarfs are a hell of a lot hairier. Taller with broader shoulders and resemble a small refrigerator with hair.

Fire half-orcs have greener leathery skin. Some may have scales in odd spots although never covering their whole body. Most are toothy and protruding canine or two are common. Despite that disadvantage there are many amongst them who are shamen, witches, oracles and wisemen.

New race
Swamp Half-Ogres: STR+2 CON+2 DEX-2 CHA-2. Survival+2. Climb+2. Perception+2. AC+2 (NatArmor) bonus feat(Iron Will) CMD&CMB+2. Resist disease save+2. Darkvision and lowlight 30ft.


In the past few thousand years the attacks coming from all sides have come for the purpose of raiding and collecting plunder. In the past the Hosts of elven troops and human auxiliaries have been able to easily beat down anything that got into the Imperial Borders. When the enemy was beaten the captured troops were, in exchange for not being Put to the Axe were taken as slaves, or turned to plowshares and forced to farm or mine at a great tithe.

These members from the captured foes have by now become part of the Sharayan Empire and into the races we now know. However, times have changed. The Imperial forces are not able to catch the latest invasion and the local kingdoms and provinces are forced to fend them off by themselves. The Sharayan Small Counsel, a body of nobles who aid the emperor in ruling the empire, has developed a new policy.

The attacking forces are offered lands inside the empire and for a tithe to the Imperial, Kingdom and Provincial Hosts they are bribed into he empire. Instead of real attacks the enemy hordes simply start plundering and then wait until the negotiator comes to offer them lands.

Since this means taking away lands from other nobles a bloody purge follows.

To add to this the Imperial Nobility is smart. The northern dwarves are sent to work on the Southern Mountain and fight the fire orcs. The Fire Half-orcs man the Flagon outpost and the Drozian Mountain Pass and the halfling are redistributed for roles in directions opposite from those from which they come. Into the least comfort zone.

After a time and the release from their bonds these races rejoin Sharayan society as citizens but after generations of servitude they are no longer the original races but the races we see in the rule books. The halfling settle in the north and south hills in small familial communities. Some live in ghettos in the cities, others are merchants or traders, etc. The half-orcs tend to live much like humans do. The Dwarfs tend to stick to mining, smithing or join the Hosts or Mercenary guilds. They are prudent merchants and odd priests.

dwarves, half-orcs and halflings, Southern Ogre.5

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