nobility, titles and land ownership



There are two types of nobles
Landed Nobles own large chunks of land. Those that live on them pay a tithe to their lords. It is assumed that every King collects a tithe. However, there many smaller nobles who own land. With the land they have a writ of trade from both the Empire Governor and the local King. This allows them to be both a merchant and a Noble. These people hold larger sway over what happens in their local area and are quite powerful. Gold Barons and Merchant Princes have the right to rule their lands with impunity rivaled only by the balancing powers of the King, the Governor and the echelon of the High Brotherhood.

Not every territory has a king. There are many Provinces where different estates are doled out and are controlled by smaller nobility. With the power comes crazy risk. When the empire is in need of cash, men or anything else the emperors have taken to conducting bloody purges as a way to raise capital. They slaughter the loose nobility for a variety of crimes and resell the appointed titles to a new group of power hungry folk.

Kings often use a similar method only their established landed nobles function as kingly supporters and can only be ousted or purged by the king.

1. Military

  • A. Lord General: The Lord General is a noble and can make military decisions that can override the even the Imperial Governor
  • B. Lord Captain: a knight like person who is in charge of at least 10 Masters of the Horse and often a body of cavalry and/or infantry
  • C. Master of the Horse: A knight referred to often as Master or Your Worthiness

2. Para-Military

The Eskalians are a military order that answers first to the Sharayan Emperor, second to the Provincial Governor and third to the Lord General

  • A. Eskalian Guard Captain
  • B. Eskalian Guard
  • C. Local Kings and Princes may have their own nobility in Gorh they are The Walled Guardians of Gorh. The names are similar in style; Lord of the Wall and Walled Guardian

3. Religious

  • A. Prince Bishop
  • B. High Brotherhood

Lord Templar of the Wind
High Brother of the Wind (aka The Hight)

4. Provincial Governors
5. Provincial Diplomats



Host: (military) 6,500 men
A) 200 Masters of the Horse
B) 1,000 cavalry
C) 100 Eskalian Guard Captains
D) 400 Eskalian Guard
E) 2,500 infantry
F) 1,000 Archers/Siege personel
G) 1,300 support (smiths, cooks, servants, workers, and laborers)

Lord Generals, Lord Captains and Masters of the Horse can all hold land. However owning a farm or an estate does not make you a mercantile Baron, Prince or anything. There are plenty of freely owned farmstead and none of them are noble but owning property is for the wealthier. There are some exceptions.

There are plenty of places where farming is tough and few things grow there. Folks will still want to settle there and are considered land owners despite the false meaning.

nobility, titles and land ownership

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