religion, pantheons and worship

religions, pantheons and worship


Not all citizen and creatures of the empire believe in gods. Many never feel the benefits of their chosen gods. A cleric of a pantheon must not only choose the pantheon but also the type of god that grants him favors. There are spell and skill bonuses that are given to clerics. These are approved by me and are similar to the type of god you choose. Please note that NPC clerics follow the same guidelines.

Should I worship a god or a pantheon?

Pantheon: If you choose to worship a whole pantheon you are a standard Pathfinder Cleric

  1. you may give up a domain and the highest level domain spell slot for a bonus feat of your choice
  2. or exchange aura for for auspix.

Auspix Feat: is the opposite of aura although it does not give the ability to detect or tell alignment it gives you the capacity to perceive target personality at 30 feet.

One God: “Thou Shalt Bring Me to Thine ****”, you pick up to 4 domains not two. You do not get any of the spells from the normal cleric spell list. You are armed only with with the domain spells. IE 1st level Cleric get 2 1st lvl spells.

In addition a single god cleric has a choice of:

  1. gets a bonus spell/each caster lvl if the CHA is 15 or higher.
  2. or choice of several abilities granted by the deity. This can range from Skills to Actual abilities of some sort. This is individually decided in concert with me after you have completed your background and history to better suit who you are and where you came from.

Remember gods are whimsical and will alter your powers based on behavior, need and proper offerings through deeds and follower delivery. Methods may vary god to god.


The citizens of the Empire are exceptionally tolerant of ALL the gods. Seeing them all as part of what goes on in the world. Not only does every race have a pantheon but every kingdom creating a range of pantheons unrivaled to any other game.

However, there is a general pattern here. There is always a head god, one who is in charge. There are gods for harvest, wisdom, battle, angst and pretty much any thing that you can conceive. Priests are schooled in the heraldry and and etiquette of most other schools.

When choosing a pantheon consider your focus as well as the worship of the pantheon you must chose your “sponsor/guardian” god. A god who watches over you. Oracles and seers as well can focus on that.

religion, pantheons and worship

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