Wizards, sorcerers and witchchcraft

sanction, unsanctioned and wild mages


There are 3w types of non-divine casters:
Sanctioned Magi or Wizards, Renegade called Orri (Oh-Rai), and Cultists or Guilds.

Sanctioned Magi: These magi conform to the oldest of the empire credos. These may be slaves or freedman but in either case believe themselves superior to most others. They are trained in rituals and are knowledgeable in summoning and creation rituals. They are aware of their place in the world and are the backbone and advisors in every Host, military campaign, diplomatic endeavors and merchant endeavors. They have a wide variety of resources available to them and carry writs of trade, rights of embargo and enslavement by default. They have access to Imperial Libraries and the aid of better trained magi. All Sanctioned Magi are glyphed and warded by the imperial courts. These are usually born on their backs, shoulders or chest. The powers of the glyphs are based on the intent that their bearer has. Those who are glyphed can be divined by their casters and can be tracked, communicated to and even harmed by the originator of the glyph. Again, like the purposes of these glyphs, the details vary widely.

Orri: A mage can become a renegade in several ways.

  • They are sorcerers and are in tune with the lay lines that envelop the world. Able to draw energy and manipulate and mold it by the forces of their will and aspect. Because the sorcerer lacks formal training and has no need of books he is feared and wild. Most Empire officials can imprison or destroy a sorcerer on site. Those that grow to adulthood learn to keep their secrets quiet and only use them around those that they trust.
  • There are magus that have been to able to remove their wards and glyphs by reselling their services or selling themselves outright. They no longer have access to Imperial resources and are often hunted outright and are killed on sight by the Imperials.
  • Some magi just keep running, it takes time to dispatch those who can capture or destroy the Runners. Those that are of least importance are sometimes ignored for a while or used for more nefarious purposes.

Cults and guilds : Enough information have begun to leak for new guilds to begin to pop up. These are tolerated in the cities on the outskirts of the empire and are used by local governments when discovered. Most of these will take any caster as there is a shortage of information. Some of these guilds have quiet agreement with the local governors and magistrates others try to accumulate information by theft and muscle or use their talents to operate criminal organizations. Some try to summon creatures in the hope of controlling them.


in the past 3,000 years Magic has become an institution. The Sharayan Empire had long ago realized that the Elven races are not the only one who are able to control magic effectively. This became a problem if the Nobility were to maintain control of the citizens that were become more and more capable of ousting their rulers. Thus, The Arcanum Magus was created.

The Arcanum Magus is a University with the right to sanction and train wizards and magi. It is not legal to use non-divine magics by unsanctioned casters. Children are bought as slaves, trained to view the Empire with reverence and marked by their tutors. Many act as ambassadorial emissaries to the Sharayan provinces. Others are used as spies. Many are magically restrained from ever using their capacities. Others are Put to the Axe at birth. Until 2,000 years ago the elven empire viewed humanity as a blight.

Since then the blood of the elven lords have diluted with human. The Arcanum Magus still sanctions magi and often pays attention to their were abouts but the quantity of participants are much larger and there are plenty of under ground Magus Cults and Guilds that surface every where.

Also some elves decided to return to their roots and have receded into the forests in the north. They have shed the restraining nature of their brothers and their ideals. These have also protected some of the other races. Initially this caused internal wars, called the Secession Wars that lead to certain forests in the Empire to possess independence while still being part of the empire now called Client Kingdoms.

Because the general population is less educated and for the most part have seen only the sanctioned Magus Adepta who are haughty, arrogant and somewhat cruel; understanding little of the plight of common man the magi are feared and looked at with disdain. Most unsanctioned casters are fearful of the mob and hold their abilities secret and uder wraps.

Wizards, sorcerers and witchchcraft

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