alignments, hunted, cursed, and role playing

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About playing alignments, criminals, hunted and cursed PCs. The way that the game is run is a bit different from most of the other games in which you participated.

  1. Only initially do I provide plot hooks. After that it is entirely up to you as a team or individual to find trouble on your own. Because of this it really does not matter if Imperial Forces would want to kill you. Most of them use unsanctioned casters as bait or aid for activities for which the Empire would not send Sanctioned Magi for. Use your wit, don’t do anything stupid, IE: DO NOT have a firework display coming out of your hands in the village square, and you’ll be fine. After all who cares if you are hunted by a criminal org, Imperials, demons, or undead, its a game so just have fun.
  2. I do not force you into an alignment. Plenty of evil folk get along with good folk. Even if you made a CE or LG character you can get along. Wanting to murder does not mean you are a retarded and charge at random people in broad day light. If your character is stupid he will die! If you are committing crimes in private does not mean that the party knows that its you or, alternatively, if the party is evil and some one (1) is not it can be concealed from the one individual if the group is clever enough. Group conflict can be fun too.
  3. If you have a bit of plot that like curses, hunted or what ever you want to add on as char development, let me know I can work the game to add that to the campaign. However, it is up to you to drag, convince, or force the rest of the group to comply. Free will and all!
  4. expect a bit of inter-party conflict. No good game is without one. I do a pretty good job with the NPCs that they are able to provide variant personalities and opinions. So don’t expect them simply to swing their swords, or heal. You do not need to have a healer in the party or one of each class.
  5. The world is UNSCALED! That means you can run into a dragon at 1st level and although your chances of survival are low you can outsmart, and even kill creatures if you plan, and are clever. Don’t charge into combat. I WILL kill you if you do stupid acts, regardless of the score on the INT attribute. There are fewer creatures that can only be effected by magic weapons in my campaign than any other you might have played.
  6. Don’t be judgmental. Everyone has a concept they want to try. Let them. Rules are adjusted to make sense. I use the Pathfinder system as a functional guide. Most of what is written is good. Try to compare situation to real life. It helps.
  7. Nearly done, you may change your PC completely and without loss of EXP the first 3 sessions you play. It is up to you to fit in your remade or dead PC into the group history since you are the one changing not them. After the first 3 sessions that you play you will start with a minimum of 3rd level, a 500EXP loss or 1/2 lvl bellow everyone else. We are using the “Medium LVL progression”. IE: 3rd lvl 5,000EXP and 4th is 9,000exp. You die and the lowest living party EXP is 7,000, you start at 6,500. IE: the lowest living party EXP 10,100, the difference between 4th and 5th lvl is 4,000 exp 100exp over. (4,000exp/2)100exp+[4th lvl exp] or 6,000exp and you have 8,100exp for your new character. I know, its complex. Don’t die.
  8. Lastly, I play with detail in roleplay. That means describe combat, roleplay convincing someone, or conning or a tricky maneuver and I will give you bonuses for smart play. I am cheap with EXP, so progress is slow. Average NPC lvl is 1st and you start 3rd. A Master of the Horse average lvl would be 3rd and as the PCs your attributes are exceptional. Average citizen ATTRIBUTE is 10 but PCs are 11. A trained craftsman ranked skill is 5 to 7.

Any other questions please ask?

PS _There is a modification in the way that you will be designing background for your PC. There was a suggestion of how to better interweave party history. I liked it and am implementing that here. Each of you should be working on your background. When your PCs background hit a 1st level and after it is approved by me I will pass this information to another PC. He/she will add to this how she interacted with you. Thus adding her own history and helping you shape your 2nd lvl personality development. I will do a fair mix up of all this and by the time you are done and have a 3rd level PC you all would have interacted with one another! _


I see that some of you are having a bit of a trouble placing character history and development against this world. I can not today but at some point during this weekend I will post, here in the back-story of the alignment Item a series of questions for you to answer. You should be able to write a couple of sentences as an answer to each question. By all means write more, if you like and/can!

Here is the list of questions:

  1. Look at the map. Where in or out of the Empire are you born? City? Outside? Village? Eastern Steppes? Northern Wastes? Southern Jungles?
  2. What is your family background? Where they rich, poor, slaves? What were their professions? How did that impact your outlook on life? your perception? IE: if you father beat your mother you may have a cruel streak or a one where you need to rescue victims, etc. What did you learn?
  3. How did they train you or how were you trained? Did you parents even know how to read? Were you sold into slavery to pay of for something? Did you simply have talent and it was an opportunity for them? Where you rescued by forest elves or learn the cruel, cold kindness of the high elves of the Sharayan Empire? Did you escape the Imperials? If so where? Who helped you? Why? What impact did that have on your growth, intelect and emotional make up?
  4. If you believe in Gods and why? How? Is there a person responsible for this belief? Who? What was his/her impact? Do you believe in one god out of a pantheon? The whole pantheon, all of them or not at all?
  5. If you are a priest, what church do you belong to? How many folowers? Who was your mentor? Again, what impact and influence his outlook had on your psyche and life? What did you take away?
  6. What caused you to leave whomever you were with? What was the separation like? Were you schooled by some one, survived by yourself in the jungle, slaughtered by an attacker? What was that impact like? Again, WHAT DID YOU TAKE AWAY?
  7. If you were educated somehow, by whom, what was the extend? What was the reference to the Empire, or the home Kingdom, their rulers, Etc? Was your home town, city, forest atacked, sacked or burned down? By whom, how often, what happened during those time to those you loved and, again, WHAT WERE EFFECT ON YOU?
  8. Every person will be given VERY personal details about who they know and where. Rogues will be given contacts. Casters; safehavens or cults or places where they can draw knowledge from. ETC. These details depend on your background!!

AND please, stop asking if other people are playing that class or another. You can have a party of all rogues, or all magi or all fighter AND still not die AND do well AND have fun! This is not your standard D&D game. Ahem, you walk into a 10X10 room there’s a door on every wall. It is dark! What do you do?

alignments, hunted, cursed, and role playing

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