distances and scope

distances and scope


It takes x by horse from the City of Gorh assuming a b-line for a small party by road:
multiply time by 1.5 for large caravans
multiply time by 3 for a Host
1 month to the Castle at Wraith.
1o days to The Hold port of Lunas.
20 days to Kiras.
1 month 10 days to the walls of Xafth.
2 months to the Kroegar Path. There is a forest and craggy terrain in the way.
4 months to the City Sharaya. A lot of terrain in the way.
6 months to Dostelrius. A lot of terrain on the way.
1 month 2 weeks to the High Keep of Vinde. Directly south of Gorh under the mountain.
1 month to Temple Port. SW and on the Maraxian Sea.
7 months to Kraldirgst Castle. Lots of terrain. Located SW at the bottom of the map next to the mountain.

Terrain :

Gorh is located on rich soil.
Several forest stand separating the northern part of the Empire’s east and west. The terrain tends to be craggier and there are less farming ground. However there are roads.

South Empire is also separated east and west. Most of the fruit and wines are grown here there are more mountainous terrains and fewer forests. There are less roads and more passes.


State of the Empire:

The Sharayan Empire can be parsed off into 4 sections. NW, NE, SW, SE.
The Kingdom of Dostelrius, City of Sharaya, the Dutchy of Wraith, and the Kingdom of Xafth are staunch Empiricists.

In the South West corner Kraldirgst Castle, Gorh with Quarah/Dania, and Temple Port and Flagon Outposts are looking to breaking away. Toting some of the most trained and feared troops in the empire.

distances and scope

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