Ghor Politics, Groups and state of the Kingdom

Ghor State of the Kingdom


First of unlike the other images this is the heraldric symbol of the Gorh. No its not original, I stole from a scotish shield but it matches what I was looking for close enough.

The Queen Illiana has taken control of the Kingdom with ruthless and righteous vigor. Taking command of the military, the religion and the nobility quickly. Followed by a ruthless offensive against Lunas a Xanfth lake side city that overran the walled city in less than a month.

The military is operated by three Lord Generals; Asetatas, Rokor, and Florian.

About 1 in 10 in Gorh is standing army, and 1 in 20 is reserves with an additional 1 in 10 that can be quickly, that is within three months, conscripted. That means that there is an active military of around 200,000 in Gorh and that number can double in a state of war.

Taxation is a heavy burden and Tax collectors have teamed up with the inquisition as such, it is simply the Noble Service of Taxation and Inquisition or NSTI often pronounced “nasties”. These have taken on the added function of religious oration and have used their powers of State to incarcerate non-imperial nobility to consume needed funds to continue to maintain the army. An average peasant pays 12 pence on a silver earned to various lords. That’s a tax rate of 60%!

There are 5 Baronies, 18 Lordships and three Counties. These have, in addition to Hosts of Gorh, their military. First off here are the major differences: a Barony is the largest Noble Estate, the next largest is a County, owned by a Count and usually belonging to rich landowners who were able to afford the title and land. The Counts do not own all the land. They lease most of it from the Kingdom for the duration of their life and the life of their children. Their great grand children inherit a small portion of the leased land and a title of Lord. Last is the Lord or Lord Magistrate. These are in charge of ruling a small territory. They are obligated to maintain a militia and collection of taxes. The Lord Magistrate maintains a “floating” title of Lord without the land and is assigned a locale by the Lord Magistrates above them. The Lords own their land and the right to hold their own militia and collect their own taxes. Majority of the
Lords are Lord Magistrates. Out of the 18 Lords only 6 own their own land.

Here is the break down and gists, if you need more detail for char gen let me know and I will add:

Barony of Royce

  • Ram against a broken stone wall on field of green.
  • southern border with Xanfth.
  • every town has a small hold and highly functional hold. Land thrives of farming and herding, and patronage for holding the border.
  • population 500,000
  • standing militia 40,000. Large mobile army, 10,000 of the 40,0000.
  • 25,000 men of the Gorhish Hosts belonging to Lord General Asetatos

Barony of Sechanthal

  • A purple whale on choppy blue waters on a yellow field and black trim
  • Located around Koln
  • Towns have little or no protection with the exception of Koln which has some waterfront protection and walls pointing east.
  • Makes their money of the Purple see and protected trade route to the Empire.
  • Population 750,000
  • standing army and navy 50,000.
  • 4 Gorhish Hosts belonging Rokor. 15,000 troops

Barony of Forely

Barony of Lieds

Barony of Gile

The Lords Magistratum
This is the legal body of the Gorh bureaucracy.

There are a vast number of these over 100 non-landed nobles. Some inherit their title but stay on the royal happy side to do so. Others earn it. Which ever the case, they function as intermediaries. About 20 or so have great royal and imperial powers. When you see one you know, because they are not covered in shit.

Last but not least the Imperial Ambassador. He hold a rank equivalent to that of a Baron or a Lord General but not the same. He possesses a an imperial palace, walled and defended and an a standing armed force of 600 well trained soldiers. At least 150 of these, are masters of the horse and 5 captains and and adjunct Lord General with a connection to the nearest elven controlled territory, Castle Wraith


Ghor Politics, Groups and state of the Kingdom

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