Money, Minting, costs, and guilds



The basics:
gold = Throne
silver = silver royals
1 copper = 1 pence

Howeever since the there are those who carry “old” Thrones and many merchants will carry a 1, 5, and 10 old throne weights and charge based on those. These are refered to as “oldies”. Silver Royals

There are
20 pence = 1 silver royale
20 silver royals= 1 throne
1000 thrones = 1 platinum

platinum is still pure platinum and pence remained fully copper. A silver royal is 50/50 silver alloy.

All coins are minted in Empire mints. There are 3 Royal mints: Sharaya, Wraith and Dostelrius.


Guilds have always been part of the empire. Much like the labor unions, the guilds protect their merchants and craftsman from the unfair treatment by nobility. As such, they hold political sway and can restrict or aid trade. Some nobles possess large tracts of land and serf out the farming. These are blessed with merchant guild membership as well as noble privileges. They are often referred to as Merchant Princes or Barons depending on the size of their holdings. (Please see Nobility and Land in the Items section).

Every city possesses their own local guild. There are also Empire guilds. The distinction is that no one in Sharaya City cares about the Gorh Agriculture guild unless buying something from them but no matter where you go the Severed Heads Companion’s Guild is guarantee that the mercenary you hire will commit his life to the job or risk ever having a legitimate military career.

So I will detail examples of local guilds. These will vary in names from Kingdom to Kingdom and I will provide the more notable Empire guilds. It is possible to be part of an Empire Guild. You can achieve this in game or you may spend 2 skill points and an open feat to join prior to game start.

Empire Guilds will provide at least 1 skill point in relevant skill and 1 feat based on char description and context of the guild. The Empire Guilds are powerful and carry with them rights not available to average citizen. They also offer continuous training and a promise of a paid jobs. Being part of an Empire Guild means having a monthly stipend. It may not be a lot but can often get people from bad to o.k..

Here are some of the examples of guilds in Gorh:
Shu Feng Mercenary’s, Grain and Meats, Soldier’s Armor & Weapons, Iron Smith, The Gorh-Danian League of Alchemy and Potions , Quaroh Trade, South River Trade, Knot’s Landing Shipwrights, #13 local Carpenters, Freedman Stone Masons, etc.

Here are some of the largest and best known Empire Guilds :
The Severed Heads Companion’s : a hired mercenary guild
The Blessed Wind : a trade guild also functions as a bank, walking judges and debt collectors
Royal Hunter’s : hunting, tracking and bounty hunting and recovery
Cartographer’s Vigil : census, mapping
The Insightful Eye (IE) : information gathering, reporting and waste removal



a beer costs 2 pence
a meel 5 to 10 pence
a night stay at the half-way-there inn 3-5 silver
a night stay at the docks 1 silver royale
a night at a decent inn 3 silver Royales
a basic skilled laborer earns a Royale a day
A skilled craftsman earns 3-5 Royales a day
An artisan makes his prices based on need and availability.

WARNING: Rule Book prices are not set in stone and the prices WILL fluctuate depending location, availability , need and bargaining rolls and role playing.

Money, Minting, costs, and guilds

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