rogues, bosses and the underworld



In every fantasy campaign there is a thieves guild. Not in this one. Imperial Cities each have their own guilds and criminal organizations. Some span multiple kingdoms. Others just carry diplomatic trading relations with those criminal organizations from other places. However, no matter where you go the understanding is a rogue can quickly learn his way around.

In this section we will talk about the whispered organizations of Gorh and some of the more notable criminals, legends and mobsters from around the empire.

Gorh is a city of full of hustlers, thieves and criminals. On the outside it is one of the wealthiest provinces in the Empire, providing grain and meats to all of Sharaya. On the other hand it is the hub of trade, a crossing point on land where the Northern Empire meets the Southern. Because Gorh is the border Kingdom with the doorway to the far East it is also the only community with imports of merchandise from the steppe tribes and the desert folk beyond that. Only the most daring make the trips to the desert and bring back treasures that are prized far and wide across the empire.

In Gorh, it is easy for anyone to disappear. “Must have gone East!”, is the answer you hear when someone is missing, and under the lush opulent underbelly of the exotic Gorhish religions, views, wealth lay the parasites that feed of it.

There are 3 families that operate in Gorh. two are in the city itself and one on the shore town of Koln on the Purple Sea. They trade in information and alchemical substances and drugs coming across from Quaroh/Dania and smuggling slaves.

In Koln it is rumored that Fasiq Al’Ashim runs the Knife. It is perhaps the most powerful and richest of the criminal organizations of Gorh. In Gorh City the turf wars have left hundreds of bodies floating in the walking canals that decorate the richer portions of the city. The Suchay and the Yagway have been fighting for the better part of a decade. The two brothers are more than ready to slaughter, undercut and out thief the other.

It is also whispered that the Queen herself has commissioned the formation of The Royal Hashash Guild. A group of para military criminals loyal to her and her alone and willing, even at the risk to their own lives, to carry out Her Majesties darkest tasks.


The Long Bards are a band of gypsies and witches. They travel all around the empire and when stopped look like a small city from above. Their led by Fernadal Long and when the Long Bards arrive at a destination families lock up their daughters and treasures.

Cochit and Lilter are two renown rogues. Wandering about, stealing and embellishing stories. The empire forces have come close to capturing these two but never managed. Cochit is rumored to be a half-orc and Lilter a halfling. The empire is big enough for them not to get caught and small enough for every one to have claimed seeing and talking to them.

Also, whenever something priceless gets stolen these two are usually blamed for it. Some suspect that Cochit and Lilter died a long time ago and that the stories just keep going.

The Black Company
A small armed group of particularly cruel men and women. They ravage villages and rob passersby merchants. No one is sure who runs the group but their deadly tactics and superior skills kept them safe from Empire and Kingdom forces.

The Mountain Folk
There are those who lost everything. These men, women and slaves clump together in craggy hills and mountain sides for protection and in hope of rebuilding their lives. When the seasons get long and food gets scarce they raid local towns. Some get captured enslaved or Put to the Axe but the raiding does not stop.

rogues, bosses and the underworld

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